Mailfact - Free Email Tracking For Gmail

Tracks email opens from Gmail to Any Email

Email Opens Analytics provides understanding of Behavior / Intentions of recipients.
Send It, Track It, STOP GUESSING

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Installs in 4 seconds
Installs In 3 Clicks.
Get Started Quickly & Easily

1. Click Install

2. After redirection; Click Add To Chrome Button

4. Click Add Extension pop-up

Total Number Of Clicks
On Your mailfact GMAIL Panel

Displays total number of clicks for each email in real time.

New Email Views Indicator.
On Your GMAIL Panel

Indicator Updates each time a new email click occurs. Informing users in real time.

LIVE Email Open Notifications.
While you surf the web

Live - Receiving real-time email open notifications. You notice when one of your emails is viewed while you browse other pages on web.